1. If 4DayKiller® is truly safe, why are there precautionary statements on the label?

A: Under the EPA’s Minimum Risk pesticide program, products that qualify and are exempt from Federal EPA registration requirements are still required to meet certain labeling conditions which include simple, “good safety practices” precautionary statements that applies to all pesticides such as keeping out of the reach of children, avoid getting in eyes and getting on skin, and instructions on what to do if the product gets into eyes or onto skin.

2. Which pest will 4DayKiller® rid?

A: German Cockroaches and most other general household pests.

3. Will I see dead pest around my home or business?

A: No, pests knockdown and mortality takes place in the pests hidden nest.

4. Do you guarantee that your product works?

A: Yes. We offer a 6 month to 1 year guarantee or full money back if not completely satisfied.
Keep in mind pest breed from season to season and breakout during the summer. Some nymphs may appear from time to time, which doesn’t mean you have a problem.

5. Does 4DayKiller® effectively eliminate and prevent the infestation or re-infestation of German cockroaches?

A: Yes, however finding pests and applying 4DayKiller® to those areas most traveled by pests have the best results. Pests usually hide in the mild and warm areas of homes and businesses. Place in the cracks, crevices, and corners of most living spaces. Apply behind and underneath kitchen refrigerator, range, and dishwasher. Also apply to areas where most pests are seen, inconspicuously.

6. Do I have to leave my home or business with my family and pets?

A: No, our product is made of natural sources that are used in many foods and hygiene products. (Example: vitamins and eye wash).

7. What happens if I get it on my clothes or furniture?

A: Nothing, just shake or pat the powder off. 4DayKiller® does not stain or leave an odor like synthetic liquid chemicals and or Endocrine Disruptor Chemicals.

8. Is there a way I could still have an infestation after I have applied 4DayKiller®?

A: Yes, if there’s a water leak somewhere in your home or business. All leaks should be repaired for a swift elimination. Keep all areas dry for 2 weeks and leave powder down. The longer you leave down, the better results. No need to remove.